Week 3 Project: Mock Interview

The purpose of this activity was to simulate a mock interview on video and practice learned interviewing skills.

The greatest strength that I noticed in reviewing my mock interview was how comfortable I was in speaking and answering the questions. I don’t think I’ve ever met a stranger and naturally felt comfortable speaking to the camera. I also thought that many of my answers were well discussed while also being honest. For example, I chose to discuss how recognizing that something is my weakness allows me to use that weakness as a strength sometimes. On a very subtle note, I also believe that my body posture played as a strength in this mock interview. I can tend to talk with my hands too much and there are only a few circumstances where I use my hands to help emphasize a point.

The greatest weakness I observed was a slight need for improvement in my oral communication skills. This mostly concerned time in the sense that my answers could have been cut shorter and still communicated what I needed to say. Answering the questions efficiently shows the interviewer that you are a good communicator and it opens up more time for other questions and discussion. Along with the organ communication skills, there are quite a few instances of me filling in time with words. While there are not a lot of “umm’s,” I heard myself saying “you know” too frequently.


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