Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Review

This assignment is a review of a classmate’s project from the previous week. Reviewing projects and providing feedback helps all students grow in their skills and creativity. This week, I have the privilege of reviewing Jonathan Easterling’s Mock Interview for Career Development Skills.

Jonathan Easterling’s Mock Interview

This mock interview had such a great vibe to it and I thoroughly appreciated the creative approach to the video. The interview’s editing made the video feel very natural and it made me want to revisit my project so that I could add a few reactions on the interviewer’s side. The whole video felt like a natural conversation that would actually happen in an interview. The creative spin on the interview’s ending was quite humorous which made me wonder if there were any plot twists that I could have incorporated into my project.

Was there anything specific that you were trying to communicate by using that ending or was it just for humour? Did you mean to only give one answer each for the strengths and weaknesses questions? This made your video prompt and timely; however, I know most employers seek to learn a few of your strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, you did a great job at explaining and combating your strength and weakness.

While the ending was great, I might suggest that a reaction could be added after the employer concludes the interview. Responding to the interviewer’s comments could really showcase your professionalism by thanking the company for their time and such. The ending is a great example of your creativity and storytelling while a response to the ending would communicate your excellent oral skills and professionalism. The only other thing I would suggest is adjusting the levels of the background music. This small adjustment could help take your video to the next level as the viewer will be less distracted by the music and more engaged with the content.

Overall, this was a great mock interview and you did an exceptional job interviewing and being interviewed. You seem very comfortable in front of the camera and confident in your passion for advertising. Hopefully, this project can be taken to the next level as you feel more comfortable interviewing for your dream job. You are a great communicator and I know that the best is yet to come for you!


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