Week 4 Project: MultiMedia Video Resume


Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Review

This assignment is a review of a classmate’s project from the previous week. Reviewing projects and providing feedback helps all students grow in their skills and creativity. This week, I have the privilege of reviewing Jonathan Easterling’s Mock Interview for Career Development Skills.

Jonathan Easterling’s Mock Interview

This mock interview had such a great vibe to it and I thoroughly appreciated the creative approach to the video. The interview’s editing made the video feel very natural and it made me want to revisit my project so that I could add a few reactions on the interviewer’s side. The whole video felt like a natural conversation that would actually happen in an interview. The creative spin on the interview’s ending was quite humorous which made me wonder if there were any plot twists that I could have incorporated into my project.

Was there anything specific that you were trying to communicate by using that ending or was it just for humour? Did you mean to only give one answer each for the strengths and weaknesses questions? This made your video prompt and timely; however, I know most employers seek to learn a few of your strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, you did a great job at explaining and combating your strength and weakness.

While the ending was great, I might suggest that a reaction could be added after the employer concludes the interview. Responding to the interviewer’s comments could really showcase your professionalism by thanking the company for their time and such. The ending is a great example of your creativity and storytelling while a response to the ending would communicate your excellent oral skills and professionalism. The only other thing I would suggest is adjusting the levels of the background music. This small adjustment could help take your video to the next level as the viewer will be less distracted by the music and more engaged with the content.

Overall, this was a great mock interview and you did an exceptional job interviewing and being interviewed. You seem very comfortable in front of the camera and confident in your passion for advertising. Hopefully, this project can be taken to the next level as you feel more comfortable interviewing for your dream job. You are a great communicator and I know that the best is yet to come for you!

Week 3 Project: Mock Interview

The purpose of this activity was to simulate a mock interview on video and practice learned interviewing skills.

The greatest strength that I noticed in reviewing my mock interview was how comfortable I was in speaking and answering the questions. I don’t think I’ve ever met a stranger and naturally felt comfortable speaking to the camera. I also thought that many of my answers were well discussed while also being honest. For example, I chose to discuss how recognizing that something is my weakness allows me to use that weakness as a strength sometimes. On a very subtle note, I also believe that my body posture played as a strength in this mock interview. I can tend to talk with my hands too much and there are only a few circumstances where I use my hands to help emphasize a point.

The greatest weakness I observed was a slight need for improvement in my oral communication skills. This mostly concerned time in the sense that my answers could have been cut shorter and still communicated what I needed to say. Answering the questions efficiently shows the interviewer that you are a good communicator and it opens up more time for other questions and discussion. Along with the organ communication skills, there are quite a few instances of me filling in time with words. While there are not a lot of “umm’s,” I heard myself saying “you know” too frequently.

Week 3 Practice: Company Questions

  1. What is the main role you would like social media to play in your company?

As the position is heavily focused on social media, I would want to know how the company views social media so that I understand what this role might be. From the answer to this question, I might better understand if the position fits me well or if it might be more of a challenge. This question can shed light on the identity, voice, and marketing style of the company. Depending on the answer, the learned information may help me know more of what the company expects the person in this role to do and decide if I consider the company a right fit for myself.

  1. What is your favorite thing about working for the company?

This question deals directly with the company’s culture and what its strengths are. Knowing the interviewer’s opinions about the company helps me determine if I believe that the culture would be beneficial or harmful. In asking this question, I would be searching for the strengths of the company and its organizational structure. Understanding the dynamic of working for the company helps me understands the benefits of the company and how its employees view the company.

  1. What is currently the biggest challenge facing the company’s press and social media?

Asking this question is crucial in understanding the current state of why the position might be needed. As a coordinator for press and social media, I would want to know what the most difficult part of the job would be. In asking this question, I would hope to learn of any complications that the company is currently having just so I am aware of what the job requires. This question would provide me with information that helps me understand the state of the company; therefore, I would be able to decide if I am up to the challenge or not.

  1. Where do you see the company in 20 years?

This question is important to my interview process as I would want to know if the company thinks about the long-term. This could ensure that I could hold the position, be promoted, and thrive within the company over a large span of time if desired. I would also hope to learn the goals and dreams that the company may have for the next 20 years. This would help me decide whether the direction of the company properly suited me.

  1. What is the next step in the process?

I find this question important as it creates a great opportunity for follow up. The question also helps me understand the company’s hiring process. I’ve been through some hiring processes that have taken one week and some that have taken six months. I would hope to learn of the next steps in the hiring process and how many other candidates there are for the position. Based on the answer, I could determine if the process met my current needs whatever they may be. From that information, I can decide whether I can wait or go through the hiring process in their manner of time.