My MCBS Story


Week 2 Project: Reaching Out to Target Employers

Subject: Email Intro, recent graduate from Memorial Day Polo Match

Hello Emily,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the beautiful start to the summer. How is your family doing? I’m sure it must be crazy now that the kids are finished with school. It was great to connect with you at the polo match on Memorial Day! I loved hearing about all the new things that are in the works at HBO.

As I mentioned then, I am a recent university graduate and I am looking to begin a career in the entertainment industry. Most of my experience involves social media, design, and marketing; however, I am open to developing skills in other areas of the industry.

I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of any positions that you think would be a great fit for me. I’d love to connect again and possibly get a tour of the offices. Let me know whenever you might be free to do this at your convenience and I’ll make sure my schedule is clear.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day for me. You are doing some great work at HBO and I’m grateful for the quality content you continuously produce. I hope you are having a great summer so far.


Andrew William Charney

Media Communications Professional | MCBS Graduate






Week 2 Practice: Networking Events & Organizations

Adobe Max is a creativity conference held Adobe—one of the largest creative and marketing software companies in the technology industries. The conference focuses on a wide array of subjects such as video, illustration, photography, social media, writing, and design. Attending this conference would not only increase my knowledge about various media tools and techniques, but would also allow me to connect with other professionals in my respective industry.

The organization that I researched was the Native American Journalists Association. I chose to learn about this organization as I am part of the Natchez Kusso tribe. I am proud of my heritage and found NAJA to be a good fit as I pursue a career in the Media Industry as a Native American. Being a member allows me to share in the NAJA community and gain connections with fellow members. Membership also includes a discounted rate for the Excellence in Journalism Conference.

Week 2 Exploration: Building a Target List

My Target List

The purpose of this activity was to begin creating a Target List for companies, brands, and leaders that have current job openings or may have future job openings that I may be interested in working with.

Week 1 Project: A Tailored Resume

Old Resume

Tailored Resume

Press and Social Media Coordinator Job Posting

Old JobScan Results

Tailored JobScan Results

Based on my original JobScan results, I wanted to tailor my resume by using a lot of the keywords discovered in this week’s exploration. I spent time rewording parts of my resume to contain a more diverse amount of keywords while remaining true to my skills and experience. I also chose to reformat the resume so that it would have a simpler and more streamlined approach. While the job doesn’t specifically focus on graphic design, I chose to continue with an artistic resume to showcase my design, communication, and software skills. The new format also allows me to easily continue tailoring the resume and copy it into a traditional format if necessary.